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As you know, Recognizing when a concussion or other mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) has occurred can be difficult.  Symptoms may be subtle in the first few hours after impact, there may be sporatic onset of symptoms and fast recovery.  With all of these challenges, early diagnosis and management of the injury is crucial.  

At Cognitive Concussion Centers, we offer baseline testing for athletes, individuals considered at risk for brain injury and those that are looking to get an understanding of their current brain function.  These baseline tests provide comprehensive reports of the inpatient’s cognitive brain function, as well as objective data with balance testing pre-injury.  These tests can then assist in diagnosing a mTBI and help to make informed return-to-activity decisions.  Patients’ may not report symptoms to return to normal activities or may not even notice the subtle symptoms that still remain, which is why having objective data in addition to the current cognitive testing is critical information. 

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Baseline Testing is also offered to those who are not involved in sports or high risk for injury.  When compared over time, the reports can provide data comparing memory changes, balance changes or detecting any changes within your brain and other disorders, such as Parkinson’s and dementia.  Reports will be provided to you and/or other treating physicians as requested and consented by the patient through a HIPAA compliant portal.  We are encouraging this to be a standard of care across the board and would be happy to work with you and your patients.

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