Team Assessments/Sideline Baseline Testing

Add another level of safety for your young athletes – Start Now and begin objective baseline testing.  

Get added piece of mind knowing you’re protecting your Athletes’ brain health with best-in-class testing.   Cognitive Concussion Centers now offers team baseline assessments to introduce an added level of proactive protection to your athletes. It is a simple addition to current protocols that can be used for comparison testing and reporting should an athlete sustain injury, assist in identifying whether a brain injury occurred and the extent of the brain injury even when symptoms have subsided. You can never be too careful. With objective and reliable tools to assist in diagnosing and treating head injuries and monitoring brain health over time, you and your Athletes’ can now be confident in their baseline brain health and post-concussion brain health to make more informed return-to-activity decisions.

As you may know, there has been recently proposed legislation in Massachusetts and many other states to ban youth football, the time is now to improve brain health protocols, visit What’s next – bans on youth soccer, hockey, cheer leading, etc?!?  Establishing uniform concussion testing and management protocols is a critical step you can take today to protect your athletes. Start with a Brain health baseline testing event – Contact us for more information and to schedule.

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