Headache Evaluation and Treatment

At Cognitive Concussion Centers, we realize that there are many patients who struggle with chronic headaches greatly impacting their daily lives. Various forms of headaches are a common medical disease; however, oftentimes the causes and types of headaches go undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and/or untreated. Dr. Giordano has extensive experience evaluating various types of headaches, such as, migraine, cluster, tension and posttraumatic headaches, identifying causes and offering multiple treatment options.

We use all modalities to treat various types of headaches, including lifestyle changes, medications and Botox/trigger point injections to help improve patients’ quality of life, visit https://www.fixbodygroup.com for more healthy tips. You don’t have to continue struggling! Choosing Cognitive Concussion Centers as your personal brain health advocate affords you the ability to receive treatment for other disorders not necessarily caused by concussion.


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