Concussion Evaluation and Post Injury Care

Managing a traumatic brain injury requires taking crucial steps. One of the essential steps forward is the process of rehabilitation. Patients should be able to benefit from a strong support infrastructure, made possible by a clever coordination of allied service providers and healthcare specialists. In addition to that, neurosurgeons and physicians can provide certified evaluation, therapeutic guidance, and other resources.

Measuring progress during recovery can be a challenging task as well, due to the variable nature of symptoms. Patients might respond differently, and things might differ based on each individuals’ baseline results or medical history. Recovery objectives might also range, from providing a return to baseline functions and cognitive levels, to providing a life-long ability to manage symptoms and gain better living standards after an injury, visit

The benefits of full neurologic evaluation by a boardcertified Neurosurgeon

 A comprehensive neurologic evaluation is a fundamental aspect of concussion traumatic brain injury management. A board-certified neurosurgeon will help patients in the process of managing their recovery, as well as identifying the most effective therapeutic approach.

In most cases, a neurological evaluation can be an essential tool in order to assess any cognitive and/or functional issues that might result from a traumatic injury or concussion. This is a vital element to any comprehensive brain health evaluation.  Don’t trust just anyone with your child’s, athlete’s or your own brain health!  Dr. Giordano has extensive experience in managing care of traumatic brain injuries and specializes in overall brain health and wellness, both in preventative care and post-injury. 

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