Brain Health Baseline Testing

At CCC, our approach to concussion management starts before an injury occurs. Just as each concussion is unique, you certainly are as well, which is why we have a concierge approach to offer tailored evaluations to meet your specific needs. We provide the proactive measure of getting a baseline report of your brain function using cutting-edge technologies, which we believe should be a standard of care for all athletes or those at-risk for head injury.

After a traumatic head injury, complications that might affect brain health might risk going unnoticed. The main problem is that immediately noticeable symptoms might disappear soon after an accident. These tell-tale signs might not be dependable enough for doctors to fully assess the extent of the damage. This is the reason why tests like Clear Edge can also be used for baseline evaluations. With baseline testing, healthcare providers can compare pre-injury results with post-injury data. When symptoms are not reliable enough, this represents a vital set of tools and information to work with. This allows Dr. Giordano to analyze post-injury test results with a specific context since he already knows more about a patient’s brain health baseline. This is exactly the reason why many at-risk categories, such as athletes, law enforcement, military personnel or children are often encouraged to undergo baseline testing.

This is true not only true for athletes or those at high risk for traumatic brain injury, but baseline testing is worthwhile for everyone to monitor and protect their brain health. Just like checking your blood pressure and having an annual physical, monitoring your brain health should be just as routine even without injury. Having this data on file can assist your healthcare professionals to better diagnose and treat you post-injury and/or monitor your brain health over time as you age.

The Process

Baseline testing involves various procedures, including tests that are meant to measure balance and cognitive skills.  Following a concussion or an injury, patients should be retested. The results can then be compared to the baseline test giving data as to the extent of the injury and assists in post-concussion treatment planning and making any decisions about returning to the field, work or some activities of daily living.  Again, symptoms that stem from a concussion might disappear in a matter of days or weeks, which might be before the brain has fully recovered. For this reason the Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers, baseline information is valuable and provides some insight into the recovery process.

Do I need a concussion baseline test in order to receive treatment after an injury?

Patients suffering from concussion can still receive care and treatment even without a baseline test. However, high-risk individuals, such as athletes, will benefit from baseline testing for later comparison post injury.  Such comparative testing is useful to assisting physicians and / or those involved in making decisions as to when the patient is best able to return to full activities. Baseline testing for children is beneficial because they are typically more active and therefore more prone to injuries.  As mentioned above, symptoms from an injury might appear to be superficial or fade away soon after an incident. For this reason, it is beneficial to have an objective and sensitive way to measure some cognitive function and physical ability. Baseline testing gives parents and doctors an objective tool to assist in the treatment of the patient.

Not all baseline tests are alike

With increased awareness and media coverage of risks surrounding concussions, quality testing is becoming highly sought after, prompting providers to look for more advanced solutions. There are distinct differences between Clear Edge and the other tests on the market. The largest difference making Clear Edge stand out is the ability to offer both the subjective cognitive testing AND objective balance testing that is trackable pre/post injury. This toolkit assists in making more informed return-to-activity decisions without relying on cognitive testing only or diagnostic testing that often doesn’t show whether a concussion is present.

With its 3 separate tests, Clear Edge provides a balanced, effective and forward-thinking approach to concussion baseline testing. This toolkit focuses specifically on cognitive skills and memory, as well as motion, and an insightful questionnaire to gather more information from the patient.

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