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How it works


How the Clear Edge Toolkit works

Most people think that a Concussion is caused only by a physical blow to the head. But did you know that Concussions can also be caused by an impact to the body that causes the head to jerk forcefully inside the protective skull? It is important to note that all brain injuries are unique. Concussions, or mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI), are a subclassification of brain injury that do not involve intracranial vascular injury. However, concussions may also result from any traumatic force that is sufficient enough to alter the normal functions of the brain. These forces can occur as a result of a sudden change in momentum of the head and neck, as in the case of whiplash.

The functions of the brain that may be impacted by a concussion include cognitive abilities, memory, and balance. An individual may experience altered brain functions for an indeterminate amount of time following a concussion. A person may appear perfectly fine following a severe concussion and may or may not lose consciousness.

The ClearEdge Brain Health ToolKit has suite of 3 testing apps and questionnaires which help measure:


Cognitive Assessment




Symptoms tracking over time

ClearEdge technology provides Dr. Giordano with detailed, electronic reports that assess patient’s brain health before and after an injury, as well as the ability to track brain health over a period of time. Single session baseline reports and post-injury tests include:


Patient information


Injury history (relevant injury and medical history previous diagnosed injuries and disorders)


Pain inventory (quantitative and comprehensive pain inventory)


Symptoms (sensitive to neurologic conditions related to the patient’s physical,emotional, sleep-related and cognitive symptoms)


Cognitive efficiency


Balance/Motor skills


Radar graph showing breakdown of symptoms and cognitive and balance tests

How it Works

● ClearEdge collects patient information, history and symptoms in order for healthcare providers to customize necessary tests
● ClearEdge Motion collects and transmits accurate balance data
● ClearEdge DANA conducts cognitive assessments on the tablet
● Data is uploaded onto a HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud storage area
● Clinical reports are instantly created via state of the art software

Concussion Baseline Tests such as ClearEdge is a vital resource for information. Much like an X-ray of a bone, a Concussion Baseline Test is almost like an image of the patient’s brain health at any given point in time.

Dr. Giordano can utilize the concussion baseline test to understand the extent of an injury as well as know when you can return to normal functions and activities.

Many concussion specialists highly recommend an annual Concussion Baseline Test especially for youths that participate in contact sports or other activities that put them at an increased risk of head injuries.

Reliable and Secure

● ClearEdge Brain Health Toolkit was developed in cooperation with SUNY Upstate Medical University Concussion Center and Motion Analysis Lab.
● ClearEdge DANA cognitive assessment medical and psychological states based on scientifically supported and accepted tests.
● HIPAA compliant portable data is stored on a secure server
● Test-giver subjectivity is removed using our proprietary ‘Edge’ Sensor.

ClearEdge Motion

The Edge Sensor is a wireless inertial measurement unit designed to measure and assess subtle changes in balance. It is worn on the patient’s lower back, at the approximate center of mass.

The ClearEdge Brain ToolKit can measure subtle changes in balance and cognitive function objectively and reliably helping Dr. Giordano to determine appropriately what the best form of treatment should follow.

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