ClearEdge Toolkit

A Brain Health Toolkit with a focus on testing and establishing patient brain health baselines

Fortunately our brain is well protected from most damage. It sits inside a hard, bony skull padded with extra layers of membranes and fluid. But even with all this natural protection, injuries can still happen. And if damage occurs it can affect everything you do, from thinking to moving. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any blow to your head that’s hard enough to affect the brain.

ClearEdge is an innovative toolkit that aims to foster brain health and improve preventive care. While it’s commonplace to regularly have blood checks to ensure proper cholesterol levels, pressure, and establish that other systems are in check, people often seem to neglect the importance of routine brain health check-ups. The main problem is that there is no established practical solution to provide fast, reliable and convenient brain health check-ups to all patients, until now.

3 Separate tests to learn more about a patient’s brain health

ClearEdge set out to introduce an easy, direct and forward-thinking toolkit that will enable a suite of tests, ranging from cognitive assessment, down to balance and symptoms tracking. The ClearEdge toolkit consists of 3 separate tests: ClearEdge DANA, ClearEdge Motion, and symptoms questionnaires designed specifically for tracking and assessment. The tests can be used together, or separately, and they allow doctors the flexibility to gather information in a non-invasive way.

The modular testing approach is very convenient and straight-forward. ClearEdge DANA focuses on cognitive assessment and memory, while ClearEdge Motion is dedicated to balance, and body coordination. It is absolutely vital to assess these areas after a concussion and make sure that the trauma did not cause any brain damage. In addition to that, ClearEdge also provides an intuitive set of symptoms questionnaires. The synergy of these 3 different tests provides a simple solution to brain health testing, with reliable and dependable results.

Quick, reliable, and easy to use

ClearEdge is a hassle-free solution for healthcare professionals looking for a way to generate a comprehensive brain health report with ease. The tests are also very patient-friendly, making them easy to administer. With ClearEdge, monitoring brain health overtime is a quick, safe and intuitive solution for health care providers and patients alike. 

Due to its high-quality technology and development, ClearEdge is able to provide accurate reporting and reliable results with minimal test manipulation. This is an effective, affordable and simple solution to baseline brain health testing, opening the doors to regular brain check-ups for all patients.

ClearEdge was created in collaboration with the SUNY Upstate Medical University Concussion Center and Motion Analysis Lab. This testing toolkit was created with the vision of enabling physicians and patients alike to focus on providing baseline brain health testing, performing regular check-ups in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Practicality and Portability

Ultimately, ClearEdge stands out as a state of the art convenient, portable and effective test, which can be performed anywhere. Dr. Giordano can utilize the concussion baseline test to understand the extent of an injury, and share information in a HIPAA compliant manner, while networking with other healthcare providers and the patient directly.

Every brain injury concussion situation is unique and the symptoms are wide and variable. Many concussion specialists highly recommend an annual concussion baseline test especially for youths that participate in sports or other activities that put them at an increased risk of head injuries.

Every concussion is a potentially serious brain injury, but in many cases even serious concussions go undiagnosed. Without objective and quantitative information regarding you or your child’s cognitive function and balance, important treatments could be missed.

The ClearEdge Brain Health ToolKit provides peace of mind by having a reliable series of tools that helps to track and monitor brain health over time.