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At Cognitive Concussion Centers, we strongly believe in the importance of raising awareness concerning brain health. We advocate baseline testing for athletes and others at-risk for head injuries. We also encourage people in general who aren’t necessarily at risk for brain injury who wishes to have an objective record of what their brain function was in the event they do have a head injury in the course of life or simply to monitor changes and brain function over time.

Having a licensed and board certified Neurosurgeon with extensive experience with traumatic brain injury gives the patient a personal relationship with a clinician familiar with their abilities in the event that they sustain an injury to their brain or nervous system.  Dr. Giordano also specializes in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of various types of headaches such as, migraine, cluster, tension and posttraumatic headaches.

Cognitive Concussion Centers works closely with many leaders in the community. Using both Dr. Giordano’s expertise in the medical and legal fields, our mission is to provide up to date information regarding traumatic brain injuries, as well as provide evaluation and treatment using the latest technologies.  We offer concierge services tailored for our patients and consulting services for healthcare providers, legal providers, educators and coaches in subject matter that is relevant to their needs.

Cognitive Concussion Centers were born out of the desire to provide a more effective, innovative and streamlined approach to mTBI. Our cutting-edge testing technology helps to facilitate this goal with objective and trackable data.

Currently, the awareness of the effects of mTBI/concussions has heightened with more and more media attention and more rigid regulations surrounding organized sports. Cognitive Concussion Centers aims to provide a trusted, powerful voice, enabling people in the community to learn more about concussions and about optimizing brain health.

Be Proactive and choose Cognitive Concussion Centers as your personal brain health advocate!



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