Cognitive Concussion Centers

Whether it’s the result of a sports related injury activity, car accident or fall, concussions are serious head injuries that could have long-term side effects. It’s critical to get them evaluated and treated as quickly as possible.

Cognitive Concussion Centers

Cognitive Concussion Centers (CCC) is led by Dr. Michael Giordano, a leading specialist and board certified Neurosurgeon with years of expertise in both the medical and legal professions. Dr. Giordano has firsthand knowledge and years of experience in handling personal injury cases both as an attorney and neurosurgeon. His diverse education makes him ideally suited to evaluate and advise patients and clients who have suffered from head, neck and spinal injuries. As the founder and president of Cognitive Concussion Centers, Dr. Giordano not only evaluates and treats traumatic brain injuries but is well versed in the medicolegal issues involved in such cases.

At CCC, We specialize in optimizing overall brain health, not only for at-risk individuals, such as athletes, but for those seeking to record a baseline record of brain function and be better prepared should injury or illness occur through the course of their life. Our mission is to provide each patient with a personalized concierge style neurological evaluation to give expert clinical advice to protect your brain health and, if you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, to ensure you safely return to activities whether it be simply to the activities of daily living or on the field.

We offer comprehensive evaluations, both pre and post injury and strongly believe in increased education, evaluation and treatment supporting brain health. Click HERE to learn more about the importance of baseline testing your child, athlete and yourself.  Dr. Giordano also offers thorough evaluations and treatment of various types of headaches, such as migraine, cluster, tension and post traumatic headaches.

Make Brain Health a Priority – Start now and get baseline tested!

Cognitive Concussion Centers is an authorized Clear Edge Brain Health Toolkit administrator which can assist in objectively measuring some functions of the brain. Just like monitoring blood pressure, monitoring brain health should be routine healthcare as well. This cutting-edge tool assesses cognitive function, balance and records any reported symptoms. The Clear-Edge Brain Health Test Toolkit was developed by Quadrant Biosciences Inc. in cooperation with SUNY Upstate Medical Center Concussion Clinic and Syracuse University. Clear-Edge provides HIPAA compliant data to health clinicians with a suite of tests and assessments to establish baselines and tracking of brain health disorders such as; traumatic brain injuries/concussions, Parkinson’s, PTSD and dementia. The toolkit is comprised of separate tests for cognitive efficiency, balance assessment and tracking of symptoms which can be immediately shared with any of the patient’s other health care providers in order to coordinate other services as clinically indicated.


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